VI HAR 40 ÅR'S JUBILÆUM I ÅR  -  1979 - 2019


Bliv verdensmester til at udstille

Jakob Dyrbye og Co blogger om messer og udstillinger og alt det du kan få ud af det, hvis du blot gør det en lille smule anderledes end du plejer. 

With his strong visions and new ideas on how to make exhibitions and trade fairs valuable tools for achieving company strategy and goals, Jakob Dyrbye has gotten the opportunity to step into the board of Fair Key Dynamic Venues.

Fair Key – creating valuable leads

Fair Key is cutting-edge technology facilitating the gathering of visitor information – easily and systematically. The system gives the users the possibility to gather lead info in just on ‘beep’ and start the follow up procedure on the spot.

Jakob’s expertise and knowledge in the realm of value-creating trade fairs and exhibitions will connect the needs of both the exhibitors and the exhibition centers in the Fair Key product, and Jakob will contribute to the development of the tool, improving the possibilities to gather leads in an easy, qualified and measurable way.

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